AutoDrop While You Shop!

Imagine walking out to the sight of your pristinely-washed vehicle – with a fresh outfit in your hands to match.  At AutoDrop, we’re making this scenario a reality with a new business model that’s bringing express car washes along with a selection of full service, valet-provided offerings to a mall near you.

AutoDrop’s destination carwash model is revolutionizing the century-old car wash industry by targeting a captive audience that’s never been reached.  Traditional car washes are almost always located in places that border high-traffic roads and major interstate highways, forcing customers to wait around amongst a sea of their peers.  At AutoDrop, we’re solving this problem through a major location upgrade – seamlessly providing a “drop n’ shop” experience.  Mega-mall settings enable us to take advantage of captured traffic in a way that other car washes can’t.

How It Works

How We Operate

A disruptive model isn’t the only thing that sets us apart.  The Hitouch, developed with equipment consultant Motor City Wash Works in 2017, gives us a notable technological advantage.  It’s a 120-foot conveyor tunnel carwash that leverages the use of sustainable and efficient eco-friendly processes – including a modular design that’s customizable to each location.

The 100% automated system boasts aluminum frame construction for extended life and durability, can output 90+ cars/hour, and is equipped with the following features that produce better washes:

  • Touch-screen entry gate point-of-sale system with RFID capability;
  • In-tunnel exterior services like tire shine, wheel cleaning and surface protectants;
  • Improved chemical applicators;
  • Oscillating soft touch scrubbers for roofs;
  • Wrap-around roto mitters for better front and back coverage;
  • Super-flex couplings.

Hitouch services mall shoppers’ cars through the following 2 service models:

This main offering (“Express Wash”) is for customers seeking more of a self-service option that they can drive up to.  Customers pay at a pay station at the tunnel entrance, and are guided onto the conveyor by an attendant.  Upon exit, they’re greeted by free self-service vacuums.  It includes a water rinse, soap soak, all-cloth brushless wash, and high-tech blower system.

We work with the mall’s valet to deliver our full service ‘Valet Wash’ to provide a hassle-free Drop n’ Shop experience. Our most comprehensive offering – services include an exterior wash, professional wax, vacuum, windows washed, interior dusting, hand-applied glass treatment, hand-applied spray wax and tire dressing, seat/carpet/mat shampoo, vinyl/leather conditioning, and even more. Receive a text message notification when your service is complete and pick your car up at the valet ramp just like normal.

Register for your AutoDrop Membership In 2-Easy Steps

A Low $5 Monthly Fee with access to unlimited 25% discounts applied across all wash services. Cancel at anytime. AutoDrop while you Shop!


Windshield Wallet is AutoDrop’s Digital Wallet. Installed and registered to your vehicle it automates payments at our tunnel to ensure an expedited customer experience.


Arrive at AutoDrop for your scheduled 5 minute windshield wallet activation. 25% Member Discounts. Windshield Wallet. Free Additional Windshield Wallets. Fast Lane Access. AutoDrop Offers. Cancel Anytime.

AutoDrop’s Flexible Membership Advantage

Traditional car washes build pyramid scheme memberships and hold their customers captive to wash quotas in order to break even or capture discounts. They charge 5 to 12 times more in monthly fees at $20, $40 or even $60 and If you don’t wash your car in any one given billing cycle your loyalty is penalized heftily with that same monthly membership charge – often valued the same as multiple wash services. These memberships are often equally restrictive for only extending their benefits to one service item. AutoDrop serves its customers with a low $5 monthly fee for unlimited 25% discounts flexibly applied across all services. Don’t pay full price ever again for car washes you never received. Put the days of restrictive car wash membership in your rear view mirror and join AutoDrop where your membership benefits extend across all wash services!

Membership Benefits

A low $5 monthly membership fee. Don’t pay for washes you never received.


Receive a flexible 25% member discount rate, applicable across all services


Windshield Wallet is AutoDrop’s vehicle registered and installed RFID sticker which automates payments at our point-of-sale terminal to ensure a more seamless and expedited customer experience.


Avoid waiting in long lines on busy days by accessing our members exclusive Fast Lane


Get more from your AutoDrop Membership by adding a complimentary additional Windshield Wallet to your AutoDrop Account.


AutoDrop Offers includes access to special promotions, events and partnership discounts.


Cancel your AutoDrop Membership anytime you want.